Highest Cell Phone Call Ever Made From Everest

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A British man has made two phone calls from the summit of Mount Everest in the Himalayas. At 8,848 metres, Rod Baber's two conversations have gone into the record books as the highest phone calls ever made (let me tell you, I've made some when I've been minging off my mong cheeks and they're not pretty). Find out without whom, etc. etc., after the crevasse.


All this was made possible by the Chinese, who installed a base station with a line of sight to the north ridge, and Motorola, who sponsored Rob Baber and his team's expedition. He also sent an SMS message, but we'll let him off for spelling mistakes, as we all know it's murder to text with your gloves on.

Success for Everest mobile effort [BBC News]


So, if I had a really long string hanging out the airplane that was dragging on the ground, and made a phone call, would that then count as the highest phone call while attached to the planet?