Hitachi Drops Acid, Explains Terabyte Hard Drives In Crazy Cartoon

It's always great when companies break out of their stodgy PR molds and just go for it—remember those fantastic tokusatsu Norton Fighter ads? Here we have Hitachi, no strangers to the out-of-the-box viral video, ushering us all into the "Tera Era," a magical wonderland of smiling flowers, talking bytes, hard disk actuator suns, and catchy Schoolhouse Rock jingles. The juxtaposition of traditional PR-speak on their YouTube page which looks like a clown threw up all over it ("This amazing collision of Capacity, Content and Culture") and this video, which is just another kind of PR-speak, is still pretty incredible. Check out the original "Get Perpendicular" spot for comparison below.





I love how in Wizard of Odd fashion its black and white and shades of grey before we drop into colorful Tera World.

Why would they commit such an act, even on Madison Avenue where nothing is too low? This is targeted toward non-technical executives that they feel will understand better in this format and they may be right. Did you ever give a technical presentation to non-techincal people, especially executives? They hate thinking that they may not know something, so by making it this "simple" they get to laugh without admitting they have no idea WTF a Tera is.