Hitachi Working On Glasses-Less 3D LCD

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Another company has fallen down the glasses-less 3DTV route. Hitachi's going to use Sharp's parallax barrier technology (supposedly used in the Nintendo 3DS and that mysterious StreamTV panel) on some mean LCDs, hopefully just as slim as their previous models.

Last year at CEATEC Hitachi showed off a 10-inch prototype with a VGA screen, which used 16 projectors to create the glasses-less 3D, which is visible dependent on the viewing angle. We've always said glasses would prove the barrier for most people considering buying a 3DTV, but it's not yet known whether the parallax barrier technology can actually compete with what we've seen from Panasonic, who's the only manufacturer with a 3D plasma out. [Akihabara News]

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I believe 3D television won't be successful until we have some proven technology leading the way WITHOUT glasses. No one wants glasses. Lose the need for them and it's just as convenient as a regular TV, as everyone in the room can enjoy the 3D without the hassle-filled glasses. 3D TVs are definitely going to have to lose the glasses to get MY purchase. Otherwise, it just doesn't interest me.