Hobo With a Shotgun: The Game Is Exactly What It Sounds Like Except Better

You're familiar with Hobo With a Shotgun by now, aren't you? What started as a joke trailer in Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse was later turned into a real movie that should be hitting theaters next month. Until then, you're strongly encouraged to get your homeless vigilante on with the 8-bit HWaS iOS game. The three dollar price tag is kind of a bummer, but can you really quantify justice? [iTunes]


just want to let everyone here know that this movie is... FANTASTIC.

i was laughing and cringing the whole time. sensory overload. senses = destroyed, when walking out of the theatre!

if you liked any grindhouse shredded visuals and humor, et al. machete, planet terror... then this will be right up your alley - but... trust me; much, much better!

i was blown away at sundance. it was brutal and the crowd loved it (lots of whooping & hollering). by the end credits, there was a standing ovation.

it was packed full of every outcry of one-liners, ridiculous stunts, bloody-gorey un-survivable scenes, and a rainbow of colors at any given moment. rutger was absolutely fantastic in this movie.

gah! i can't wait to see it anything! for everyone else out there, go see this film, and expect to punched in the face, stepped on, and have your groin blown away with a double-barrel. it's going down! ;)