Hobomodo Review: I Sold My Identity for Free TiVo Cookie Cutters

As an intern for Gizmodo, hobomodos have become my favorite part of our daily gadget deals: my marketing information in exchange for free TiVo cookie cutters? It's yours before you can even say "leaky faucet."


Whether these hobomodos ever show up are highly questionable-so imagine my surprise when my free TiVo cookie cutters showed up just in time for the holiday baking season! The TiVo cookie cutter arrived in a plastic bag, accompanied by a recipe courtesy of TiVo.

Prep Time: 1-3 minutes
Cook Time: Bake Time may vary
Level: Beginner
Serves: The entire family, plus as many friends as you can fit into the living room.

1 TiVo (HD or standard)
HD recommeded for sweeter taste buds, SD for those counting calories
2 tsp. of the Emmy award-winning TiVo service
2 cups movies from Netflix or Amazon Video on Demand
Pinch of universal Swivel search
Dash of YouTube videos
1 cup music from Rhapsody
1/2 cup personal photo slideshow
1/4 tsp. BaDoop BaDoop Show
Handful of play, pause, rewind and fast-forward

The next step was the hardest task: what type of cookies would my stepmother enjoy with her milk? Chocolate with walnuts? Sugar? Arsenic? Fortunately, a very helpful Miss Betty Crocker helped me limit my choices and I eventually settled on sugar. Employing several slaves toddler hands in my quest for the perfect TiVo cookie, I then embarked on my journey.


I'm not quite sure whether it was the dough mix or because I've never made shaped cookies before but I had a frustrating time using the cookie cutter initially. I eventually resorted to letting the dough cook for a little bit before I pulled them back out and used the cookie cutter. I'd then stick them back in the oven to let them finish. Two batches later, including a few ones that deliciously tasted like carbon, I managed to make a few cookies actually resembled the TiVo.. uh, "fish." I can't cook, but bake things full of lard? Oh yes, I can.


TV? Check. Cookies? Check. Marketing spam to replace the credit card offers I used to receive? Done. [TiVo at Gizmodo, special thanks to Kayla, Cassidy, Jenna and Maddy!]

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