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Hodor, Groot And Chewbacca Have A Chat In This Lego Short

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sure, to us, Chewie, Groot and Hodor might be communicating in nonsensical languages, but what if these characters could actually understand each other? Turns out, they'd head to Mos Eisley for a supportive get-together according to Brotherhood Workshop's latest Lego short.

When you think about it, Chewbacca has it pretty easy - at least partner in crime Han understands Shyriiwook, and Chewie in turn understands English (err, Galactic Basic) so they can have conversations. Groot might be a bit more sympathetic, considering only Rocket really understands him, but even then, could you trust Rocket to translate Groot correctly unless it was something Rocket wanted him to say? Personally, Rocket's a bit of a dick but I doubt he's that much of a dick to Groot.


But poor Hodor. No one gets him at all, outside of Bran needing him to Warg-Hulk out when they're in danger. At least they have each other for chats like this - even if no one else gets them.

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