Holy Batman! The New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is Out and It's Amazing!

People, stop whatever you are doing right now and watch this: the new Dark Knight Rises trailer. This movie is going to be dark, painful and glorious. And look at that Batmobile which is actually a Batomfgitfliestoo thing.


It seems like Morgan Freeman has been making quite a few new gadgets and thingamajigs for this one. Can't bloody wait.


Honestly... I'll go re-watch Prometheus trailer one more time.

Batman Begins was decent, although I don't remember anything about it.

Dark Knight was LONG. That I remember. I napped two times, but from the third time, I made it! Heath Ledgers' acting was hyped up by the fact of his death. I enjoyed a scene in the interrogation room tho. And then CGI TWO FACE. Really? Could someone take that guy seriously? His face was worse than Ryan Reynolds in 3D Green Spandex. They could have brought back Mr. Freeze then. Wouldn't make the movie less believable.

Now a MOTHERF*CKING FLYING CAR. Which you gotta admit is more of a tank. And it flies on 4 little fans. Guys, I donno. Am I the only one who sees that shit?

Also what was the Banes first phrase? Listened to it 4 times! All I could make out of it si: "I am Gothams' "requibick"" What a flaming f*ck is requibick?

It's all my personal opinion. I really enjoyed every Nolans movie until Inception.

All he does now is long, epic, dull CG blockbusters.

Memento and Insomnia happened only once.