Holy crap, someone made an Iron Man gauntlet that fires an actual rocket

Like, not even a fake foam one or anything. An actual incendiary device. That's a tad extreme.

The costuming madness comes from Patrick Priebe, aka Youtuber Anselmofanzero, who's infamous for building custom props from games and movies and adding powerful lasers and other assorted bits of tech to them. You can check out the full video for his Iron Man Gauntlet below:

The piece doesn't just light up and feature the mechanics to raise the rocket launcher mechanism out of the gauntlet, as you can see in the gif above it actually fires the goddamn thing as well. As if that wasn't enough, Priebe also added a palm laser that's strong enough to burn materials and pop balloons, because why stop at an arm mounted rocket launcher, to be fair? Priebe decided not to share instructions on how to make one yourself, perhaps fortunately considering he managed to burn himself pretty bad with a test fire of the prop shown at the end of the video.


It might not be as explosive as Iron Man's rockets in the movies, but it's still very impressive. If not more than a little crazy.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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So umm where's the boom after it gets fired?