Wow. We're getting official Doctor Who Lego later this year, but I'm pretty sure not even Lego could top this remarkable replica of the 11th Doctor's Console Room by Flickr User Thorsten Bonsch.

Header Image Credit: Thorsten Bonsch. All images credited as such unless otherwise stated.

Germany-based Bonsch, who goes by Xenomurphy online, actually started the build back in 2012, planning to finish it in time to celebrate the show's 50 year anniversary in 2013. But building such an impressive model took its toll, and just over 3 years later, he's finally finished it. I'd say it's about time, but that's pretty relative when it comes to all things Time Lord.


Bonsch's massive model is packed with incredible detail and clever uses of Lego bricks (according to Bonsch there isn't a single 'custom' piece in the entire build, they're all standard lego pieces) to recreate the ins and outs of Matt Smith's first console room - everything from the clever use of hinges to recreate the curved walls, to all the little details like the TARDIS door, the communicator/viewscreen and even multiple stories leading off onto gantry ways and TARDIS corridors.

It's a true celebration of what has to be one of the weirdest, most unique Console rooms in Doctor Who history as well - starkly lit without the gaudy oranges and greens it usually appeared in during its almost 3-year run on the show, Bonsch's build shows how abstract and crazy the set actually was, curved walls matched with bizarre, angular pieces sticking out. The fact that he's captured it so spot on in his build is remarkable.


You can see a lot more pictures of the Console room on Bonsch's MOCpage entry for the build, as well as on his Flickr Account.

[via The Brothers Brick]

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