After a series of smaller, character-themed Vinyl records based on Batman The Animated Series earlier this year, the fine folks over at Mondo are back with an even fancier Vinyl record inspired by the Dark Knight - cut into the shape of the Bat Emblem.

The 12" Vinyl costs $25 and comes in two variants - the 'splattered' one above and a plain black one. It's kept in a swanky jacket featuring some gorgeous art inspired by the cartoon from Phantom City Creative (you guys might remember them from that that incredible Heart of Ice poster they did for Mondo's 75th Anniversary Batman gallery). I mean, take a look at the art on the inside of it:


Pretty swish!

The Vinyl is going into full production for release in 2015, but Mondo have printed 1,000 copies of each Variant ready for a special sale commencing today, which would get you the Vinyl in the next few weeks just in time for the Holidays - once those 2,000 copies are sold out, you'll be able to pre-order it for the pressing due out next year. If you want a chance at an early copy, Mondo will reveal the time it goes on sale via their Twitter account.

[Mondo Store]

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