Holy Shit! IBM Is 100 Years Old

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Q&A: The IBM You Never Knew About

IBM turns 100 today, but since Willard Scott hasn't paid tribute yet we'll do our part to wish America's most innovative company the happiest of birthdays. And for every Watson and ThinkPad you've already heard of, there are hundreds—thousands—of life-altering inventions for which we can thank Big Blue. More »

Behind the Design of the Greatest Windows Laptop EVAHHHH

Here's an idea for an IBM centennial prank: Swap one of those newer ThinkPads on display at Best Buy—say the ThinkPad L520—with the original model, the seminal IBM ThinkPad 700c. See how long it takes customers to notice. More »

How IBM Technology Jump Started the Holocaust


The Nazis' persecution of Jews was brutal, methodical, and horrifyingly efficient. However, their perverse efforts were only realized with the assistance of a Hollerith Machine - IBM's custom-built tabulation system. More »

Nine Everyday Tech Tools Made Possible by 100 Years of IBM


IBM's Centennial anniversary is fast approaching (as in TODAY), and their 100 years of hard work shouldn't go unnoticed. Behind every major technological advance, you're likely to find IBM's name floating around somewhere. More »

Inside the Mind of Watson, IBM's Computer Jeopardy Champ

After practice rounds and plenty of hype, Watson, IBM's latest supercomputer, stepped up to the podium to take on two of Jeopardy's greatest champions: Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. More »