Holy Shit, We Just Saw A Teaser For A New King Kong Movie!

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Two years ago at Comic-Con, Legendary Pictures gave us a surprise teaser for a Godzilla movie. Now it was King Kong's turn — they showed us a tantalizing glimpse of a new movie called Skull Island... featuring a certain giant ape.

The teaser basically consists of a scary looking ocean, with huge roiling waves that seem to conceal dark shapes. Then we travel across the water to a huge island, as a voiceover quotes from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, saying this is a throwback to a time when "vegetation rioted on the Earth and big trees were kings." We see a humongous wall with flames on the top, and we move into darker and darker jungle as monkeys run and hide.

The voiceover explains that something has woken for an "unrestful and noisy dream. Its very existence was improbable." And being alone in the wilderness so long has driven the creature insane. "It looked at you with a vengeful aspect."


And then we go inside skull-shaped caverns and the voiceover talks about the heart of darkness. And then huge footsteps come down in the jungle. And then we see it rearing up: King Motherfucking Kong. And the title comes up: "SKULL ISLAND."

No clue when this is coming, or who's directing it.