Home Care Camera Lets You Peer into Your Own Cavities

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Clearly designed to make the most of the hypochondriac and Curious George in each of us, the Miharu Home Care "intraoral camera" lets you peer at your gums and cavities in gorgeous close-up detail. The battery-powered device even has an LED light so you can see better and plugs into a standard analog video socket so the whole family can watch on TV.


We imagine skipping class with a sore throat may be much harder when your mum can see you're faking, and viewing your back and scalp wouldn't need awkward straining with mirrors. Then there's always, um... insidey parts. We'll mention its disposable covers, and leave the matter there, eh?

The eight-inch long device uses a pinhole lens with an adaptor for skin close-ups, takes AAA batteries and has a six foot spiral video cable. Available for $159. [Redferret]


@SBM_from_LA: Actually, Intraoral camera images are frequently saved if an office has a good Digial setup. They can be quite useful in examining frequent sites of decay, as well as monitoring the progress of a patient's personal dental care.