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Honda's Holiday Toy Ads Continue To Make Us Nostalgic For the '80s

Honda had us all weepy-eyed with nostalgia during its first run of holiday ads this year that used our favorite '80s toys to lure us into buying a car. The strategy probably didn't convince every child of the '80s to run out and buy a new ride, but that's ok because it means Honda just keeps churning out more of these wonderful commercials.

The latest versions feature Skeletor frolicking with He-Man, trying to convince us the two are best of friends. G.I. Joe and Jem in a heart-tugging duet, and Gumby and Pokey exploring a house while singing their hearts out. When it comes to selling cars, these are the kinds of celebrity endorsements we really want to see. [YouTube (Honda) via Tastefully Offensive]

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Ah, if only my Honda experiences weren't so spectacularly horrible that I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever buy or recommend another Honda to anyone. Unreliable cars, worst customer service imaginable... impossible to perform basic self-maintenance like changing the damn oil filter...

This is genius marketing... but never again. Fuck Honda.