Hot Chip: I Feel Better

Music videos allow artist to convey profound emotions: Joy. Sorrow. Bliss. Anger. It's also capable, in rare instances, of making you nearly pee your pants with laughter. Such is the case with Hot Chip's classic 2010 video for I Feel Better.

The video starts off with a slick performance from a fictional boy band called Hot Chip, a 2000s-era crew with names like Popeye and Octavian who posture and dance for a group of screaming Millennial fans. Pretty typical stuff, until the entrance of a white-robed mystic in the form of British comedian Ross Lee, who eats the souls of the band while fans—including the less-manicured, real-life band Hot Chip—look on in horror.


Things only escalates from there. It's one of the weirdest, funniest videos I've ever seen, and even though it's four years old, I find myself returning to it when I need to laugh. [YouTube]

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