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Hotmail Account Holders Ring in the New Year with Missing Emails

Illustration for article titled Hotmail Account Holders Ring in the New Year with Missing Emails

Microsoft Hotmail users have a lot to complain about as the new year kicks off in earnest: Many are reporting today that their emails have gone missing as a result of a new bug plaguing that popular email system.


Basically, users report that their emails are being sent to a deleted mail folder instead of the standard Inbox. Microsoft, for its part, has responded to many of the complaints logged in its online forums, but has yet to deploy a fix or even disclose what caused the email zapping bug in the first place.

As the AP notes, Hotmail is the most widely-used email platform in the world with approximately 360 million users around the world. How many of those 360 million are without their email and NYE party pics today is not known. [MSNBC]

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Yeah, welcome to reality, hotmail users. Ever since I lost a huge batch of my own emails (and it wasn't because I neglected to log in for an extended period of time), I stopped relying on them for anything more than a spam account. Hotmail fucking sucks.