How Comcast Just Conquered America, in Two Simple GIFs

It's a sad day for consumers as the rumored merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable is moving forward. What does it look like when the two biggest cable companies in the country jump into the sack together? The map above gives you an idea. It ain't pretty.


The original image taken from a 2011 report on the country's top cable providers gives an even starker picture of how Comcast's territory will expand.

Important segments of the map that were basically vacant for Comcast before like New York, Southern California, Ohio, and the Carolinas will now be absorbed into Comcast's domain. One company is about to be a controlling force in broadband and cable in that huge swath of land. Yup, America's about to be blue in the face with Comcast.

Here's another view without the rest of cable providers:

The two snapshots above are taken from the government's National Broadband Map, and gives a sliver of the picture how Comcast's reach expands into new markets when it gobbles up Time Warner Cable.



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