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How Do the Mysterious Floating Balls On This Watch Work: Sorcery?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you want to slap a hefty price tag on a watch, fine craftsmanship and precious jemstones don't cut it anymore. You need a gimmick, like a sprinkling of moon dust, or the magical floating balls in Christophe Claret's new X-Trem-1.


As you've probably already figured out, the secret, sadly, isn't magic. Instead, the hollow metal balls appear to float inside a set of sapphire tubes—indicating the hours and minutes—thanks to a hidden magnetic carriage inside that's driven by thin but strong silk threads.

The X-Trem-1 will be limited to just eight pieces when it's available. And while pricing info hasn't been unveiled yet, it's safe to assume that with its unique design and extensive use of titanium, the watch isn't going to come cheap. [TimeZone via Acquire]