How Do You Feel About Peanuts In CGI?

Same Snoopy, same familiar "Linus and Lucy" theme music, but the look is a little bit different. Your old favorite cartoon, Peanuts, is hitting the big screen for the first time in 2015, and here's the first trailer. How do you feel about the gang going 3D CGI?


Yes, come this time next year, you'll be able to buy a ticket to see Charlie Brown miss a punt in three dimensions. The tone still seems to be the same as it's been since Charles Schulz started drawing Charlie and friends for newspaper comic strips in the 1950s. But everything has to grow up eventually, meaning Peanuts has gone through some changes. And I don't mean Linus's voice has finally dropped an octave.

The whole style of the comic, in the movie planned for a November 2015 release, is completely different. So what do you think? Would they have been better off within the two dimensions we're used to seeing them? [SlashFilm]

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As long as the camera angle (audience's point of view) remains the same throughout as it does in the original cartoons, I think it'll have the same feel...just with an updated cinema-qualify look.