How do you make Plush Pikachu cuter? Give him a plush Charizard Cape

I have confessed my love of plush Pikachu's before, but this one is even more heart-cloggingly-cute than the last pudgy plush? Why, give Pikachu the most adorable cape.


The 2,000 Yen (roughly $17) plushie is being sold as part of the Tokyo Pokémon Centre's (Of course they have one - this one is a great big Pokéstore instead of a critter hospital though) reopening next month as the Tokyo Mega Pokémon Centre, depicting the Electric Rodent in a cape designed to look like Mega Charizard Y. Pokémon's pretty big on that Mega-branding these days.

Worried that you can never be as stylish as Pikachu though? Never fear, because the store will also sell adult-sized versions of the capes for 3,600 Yen ($30):

Fashionable as hell. The Tokyo Pokémon Centre reopens December 12th. I fully expect those adorable plushies to fetch a high price internationally why we all wonder 'god dammit why does Japan get eight Poké Centres and we have none!?'.

[Kai-You via The Mary Sue]

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