How Game of Thrones Made Last Season's Most Fantastical Fight Look Real

Game of Thrones is known for many things: complex fictional geopolitical intrigue, incest rape, sexposition. The popular HBO show is also known for its high-end production, and season four's thrilling snow-covered finale fight scene is no exception, with the remarkable special effects that have become a hallmark of the show. Here's now they did it.

The intrepid team at ScanlineVFX put together a behind-the-scenes video highlighting just how sophisticated and extensive the special effects are for the tense showdown. (Warning: General wight-related spoilers, although if you don't know what a wight is I can't imagine why you'd care about this video.)

Can't get enough about Game of Thrones special effects? Spin VFX, the show's effects team, put together a more comprehensive look at their process:

[ ScanlineVFX via FStoppers]


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