How NYC Transformed Times Square Into a Cultural Icon

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Say hello to the world's most visited destination—Times Square in New York City. This single attraction hosts more visitors every year than Canadia has residents. This collection of shots from our friends at Oobject illustrate the Square's radical evolution over the past century from former NYT publishing house to giant, glitter ball-topped billboard.

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Looking South to where the Times building would be 1878

The Times Building under construction, 1904

Times building almost completed 1904

Times Square featuring the completed Times building in 1908


Times building and Time Square in 1919

Times Square 1938


Times Square New York 1942

Times Square, 1964


Remodelled as the Allied Chemical building in 1965

The building was stripped back to its steel core and the original stone work dumped in Jersey to be replace by a mediocre facade.


Times Square at its lowest point in the 1980s

Christos project to wrap 1 Times Square in 1985


Times Square New Year 2011