How To Build the Best Lego X-Wing Ever

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Rejoice, fellow Lego nerds, because Mike Psiaki just sent me the instructions and a part list for the best Lego X-Wing model ever created. Yes, my friends, now you can build your own.


A while back you wrote a piece about my Lego x-wing model. I figured it might be of interest that I just completed "instructions" (I was too lazy to do any CAD, simply took extensive breakdown photographs) and a parts list. The parts list is a little different from what I show in the instructions (when I use a 1x2 tile and a 1x1 tile next to each other I wanted to use a 1x3 tile, so I list that in the inventory). Also, when I built the original thing I used a lot of parts in colors that I didn't need to, so there could be some more simplification as well.

Suffice to say, it's not perfect and it's nowhere close to a real Lego set, but I think it will do.


It may not be perfect, but it is better than the real Lego sets—including the last 2012 model.

First, click here to download the part list.

Then, go to Mike's Brickshelf Gallery to see the construction steps. Have fun! [Thanks Mike!]


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Ceric Neesh

For those looking to build it, you can find the bricks on It's what pretty much everyone in the AFOL circles uses (AFOL = Adult Fan of LEGO). I haven't priced it out, though, but it should come out a bit less than going through the official LEGO site, and you shouldn't have a problem finding even the rarer bricks like the canopy.

Also, Jesus, I just emailed you a LDD version of the X-Wing with a few modifications/omissions due to parts placement and/or availability.