How to Get a Refund from the App Store

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There are something like a bazillion apps in the App Store. Do you know what that means? A lot of craptacular apps that should never be put on your iPhone. But sometimes you download an app not knowing it sucks or doesn't work or is buggy or isn't what you thought. Can you get a refund from the App Store? Yes! Here's how.

Remember, this isn't an official refund policy for the App Store because the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions specifically states:

All sales and rentals of products are final.

Which means, your mileage is definitely going to vary when it comes to getting a refund on the App Store. If your cause is legitimate—like, say, you downloaded that bogus Yellow Pokemon app this weekend—it still may take weeks or even months before you get your money back. If you're just grouchy about being dumb? You probably won't ever get your money back. But at least we know there's a shot! So, how do you do it?


Open up Your Account in iTunes

Go to the iTunes Store and check your account. It's in the top right corner.


Check Your Purchase History

Once you're logged in, click 'See All>' under Purchase History


Report a Problem

Scroll down until you see the big button that says 'Report a Problem'. Click that big button.


Select the App

Find the app you want a refund for and select 'Report a Problem'



Choose the problem you're having and write a detailed reason why you think you should get a refund for the app. Remember, you're fighting an uphill claim so make sure your reasons are legitimate to give yourself the best chance.

Apple lists these six categories for your app-related complaints:

  • I didn't receive this application
  • I inadvertently purchased this application
  • This application does not function as expected
  • This application is not compatible with my device
  • I have another purchase or download-relation question

Good luck. Also, please only refund apps that really don't work. Developers need to eat too.