How To Get Instant Movie Reviews From Google

In Google’s ideal world, you would never have to leave the search results page to find the information you need, which is why it continues to extend its Knowledge Graph strategy to bring you more bite-sized summaries before you’ve clicked through to any other site. The latest stream of data to be added to Google’s system? Movie reviews.

As the ever-enlightening Google Operating System points out, you can add the word “reviews” before or after the movie in question and Google presents you with snippets of what the critics are saying. If you use voice control for your searching needs, say something like “did Interstellar get good reviews?” to achieve the same end result.


Opinions from the likes of Variety, the New York Times, Screen Rant and the Onion’s AV Club are included, and you can of course click through to read the full review on the original site. A summary of review scores is provided at the top too. Now you’ve got even less of an excuse for going to see a box office turkey.

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