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The iPhone 4S may have a kick-ass new 8MP camera and lightning-quick A5 processor but it has the same shortcoming as its S-less predecessor—no wheels for low-angle rolling shots. The hell Apple? Cineskates, however, may have the solution.


The Cineskates Kickstarter campaign we told you about in August is coming to a close—$330,000 over their goal. To thank the Internet for its generousity, the company is offering the Cineskates System for the Apple iPhone 4/4S as a reward for last-minute pledgers. The new kit includes the GorillaPod tripod, three Cineskates, and Ballhead X (what the camera sits on) from the original Cineskate System but also includes a Glif iPhone 4/S tripod adapter. Sure, each kit costs $275, but, but, but, PANNING SHOTS. [Kickstarter]


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