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How To Watch the Livestream For Today's Apple Watch Event (Update Safari!)

Illustration for article titled How To Watch the Livestream For Todays Apple Watch Event (Update Safari!)

We'll be livebloggin' the blow-by-blow straight from San Francisco later today as Apple dishes the deets on its supposedly lethal smartwatch. But if you want to use your eyeballs to watch the action live in video form, Apple's got a stream for you.


As always, the official livestream will attract many hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of viewers so it'll be subject to hiccups stemming from that brutal load. Not to mention the fact that the livestream tends to run about a minute or so behind the feeds from people in the audience. (Ahem, watch our liveblog.)


And of course, here's the perennial reminder that, Apple being Apple, the stream will only work if you're using Safari. So if like everyone on our staff you never touch Apple's browser between events, make sure it's working and updated!

For those of you using VLC: This link should get you going in the player instead of in a browser. [Apple]

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So if like everyone on our staff you never touch Apple's browser

Why? Whats so wrong with Safari? I switched from Safari to FF around 2008 then around 2010 to Chrome and last year back to Safari as Chrome has become so bloated and resources intensive. Safari is crazy fast and stable I wonder why so many people pass on it.