How to Make Cheap Whiskey Taste Like Fancy Whiskey

You like whiskey. You looooove good whiskey. You can't afford to drop hundreds of dollars on a high-end bottle. You stick with rotgut, right? Nope. There's a new process of hyper-aging booze that apparently turns run-of-the-mill whiskey into dark and delicious firewater of the gods.

The process is called TerraPure, and was dreamt up by a retired chemist named Orville Tyler. It involves pumping the whiskey through oxygenated chambers, which "[subject it] to high-intensity ultrasonic energy," which in turn trigger esterification, the process that creates flavor-imparting lactones in whiskey as it's dehydrated.


According to someone who's tasted a processed sample, the resulting whiskey is a good bit less harsh, and the flavor is easier to take in. It's a cool bit of boozehacking, but it'll have to be pretty amazing to justify shipping off all your whiskey to South Carolina. [Terressentia via Popular Science]

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