How to Make Your Facebook Profile Look Like Pinterest

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Have Facebook? Hate Timeline? Love Pinterest? Good. If you want to combine your interestingly social world with your socially interesting world, you can hack your Facebook Profile to look like an exact replica of a Pinterest page. Here's how.

It's so simple really, you just download an app called PinView and the app will transform your News Feed, Timeline, Friends and Pictures into a collection of pins. Just like a Pinterest pinboard! If you squint a little, it looks exactly like it. Of course, PinView only changes how YOU see things on Facebook, it won't change the look of your page for your friends. If you want pinboards all around, you'll still have to head to Pinterest. Check out PinView here. [PinView via MSNBC]

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I just realised how much I actually care about this story when I came to this page and read the comments first before leaving a comment; with that I think I might go and check out youtube rather than read the blog itself.