How to Stream President Trump's State of the Uniom

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Donald Trump delivers his first State of the Uniom tomorrow, addressing a beleaguered nation tired of public, easily-avoidable fuckups on the world stage. Luckily the invitations mailed out for the event were free of basic spelling mistakes.


Speculation abounds on what Trump will address in his State of the Uniom speech, though immigration and the economy are sure to be talking points. As with the president’s other public speaking engagements, what’s in store before the 115th Congress will be difficult to predict, and harder to decipher.

The State of the Uniom will begin Tuesday at 9pm Eastern, and can be streamed on the White House’s YouTube and Facebook pages, as well as C-Span and Twitter. We have every reason to suspect that whatever is written for Trump’s teleprompter for the State of the Uniom will be free of nationally mortifying gaffes that could have easily been solved via spellcheck.


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