How to Watch Donald Trump's First Press Conference Since July, No Cable Required

President-elect Donald Trump speaking at his first press conference since July (DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

President-elect Donald Trump is holding his first press conference since July—the one where he literally encouraged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails. And with the countless controversies swirling, this press conference should be pretty interesting. Here’s how to watch, no cable required.

The event is scheduled to start at 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific, and 7pm Moscow time. But Trump isn’t exactly known for his punctuality, so don’t panic if he’s a few minutes late.

There are plenty of sites that have livestreams, including CBS News, ABC News on Facebook (seen above), and the YouTube account known as “DONALD TRUMP SPEECHES & RALLIES.”


PBS News Hour also has a YouTube stream, which you can watch below. None of these options require logins.

If you prefer watching on your devices and have a cable login, you can choose from the options below. We call these the “half-cord” options. Not quite cordcutting. But something close.

CNN Half-Cord

Fox News Half-Cord

Preparations under way for President-elect Donald Trump’s first press conference since the summer (John Taggart/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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