How To Watch Friday's Total Solar Eclipse

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Do you live inside the swath of red depicted in this map? If so, you're one of the few people on Earth able to directly witness Friday's total solar eclipse. For everyone else, your best bet is to watch online. Head over to to watch live, beginning at 1:30 AM PDT/4:30 AM EDT/8:30 UTC.


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Fear Glas

OK, here's one for you optics geeks.

I was watching the eclipse at 55°56′39″N 3°09′43″W, at an altitude of just short of 250m (Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh). A few minutes before maximum occlusion (about 0920 GMT) the temperature dropped far enough for stratocumulus clouds to form. There were also cirrus clouds further up, but I was getting some good views through my scope projector.

For a few moments we saw a very pronounced complete halo through the edge of some of the stratocumulus clouds (NOT the cirrus) - I mean, this was the brightest rainbow effect I've ever seen.

It was very brief - my camera batteries packed up a few minutes in, so I don't have a photo, but I'm guessing this was related to a 22-degree halo, but I can't find the class of optical phenomenon I'm describing.