How Well Do You Really Know Your Significant Other?

Illustration for article titled How Well Do You iReally/i Know Your Significant Other?

It just never hurts to take the test. I'm just saying. [xkcd via The Daily What]

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I saw a comic at some point where a robot was getting a captcha tattoo, completely unaware of it's meaning. You know, along the lines of the joke that people getting those chinese character tattoos wouldn't be able to tell "power" or "tranquility" from "floozy" or "horse's ass".

I did manage to fail a captcha today. One character threw me; it was sort of like it could have been either a zero, an O, or a 6, but it's loop wasn't closed. The next one I got had a # and an % in it, so maybe it was a @ without the lowercase a portion in it. In any case, I'm totally not a robot, bleep bloop.