How We're Covering the iPhone Launch in Apple's Hometown

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Justin of is helping Giz cover the iPhone Launch SF, live. Sorry, no Greg Packer nipples. But SF is Apple's hometown, and you can bet the fans will line up deep before Friday at 6pm. I'm going to relax a bit for an hour or two, since tonight promises to be a long one. But right now, the Lifecam is pointing right at the Apple Store on Stockton Street, where you can see the first of a few geeks lining up:

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When I put the cam on, and get in line, I'll turn the AIM on my Helio Ocean, and you can ping me at lnelyiPhoneBoy30. For now, it's nap time. I'll be back in an hour or two, and I'll throw up a new post, with a some text updates.


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ive been a true fan of this site for a while now... while taking a short break from my comp durin a storm cause it was brown out time.... i caught the site being mentioned on tv this evening on channel 6 (cbs) and i just thought every one should know and i didnt know where to post this comment but since the refrance was right after talk about an 1Pones release i though here would do...