HP Ditches Android Tablet

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HP's original vision: tablets of every OS flavor, led by the (since deceased) Windows 7 Slate but complemented by Android and webOS devices. Today it turns out there can only be one. And it's not named after dessert.


HP's decision to table their Android tablet—reported by All Things D—shouldn't come so much as a surprise, but it might come as a bit of a relief. With HP focused on reaping the platform benefits of their Palm acquisition, they can put all of their resources behind one great tablet instead of two rushed ones. And as a consumer, I'll know exactly what an HP tablet is, and what makes it different from other products.

That webOS tablet, reportedly called Hurricane, should be out this fall if previous rumors hold water. As for an Android iteration, it seems that it's been delayed indefinitely—never a good sign. [All Things D]



I believe this was a wise choice. With an Android tablet, they would be beholden to the stupid Smart-phones only Market rule that Google imposes.

With a WebOS tablet, they can open up a Tablet portion of the store and have complete control over how it functions. Plus webOS will rock way harder than Android. (except in the downloadable apps dept.) And even build in a scaling method like on the iPad for standard apps.