HP May Be Killing Off WebOS

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HP's Computer Division has been spared the guillotine but WebOS may not be as lucky. The Guardian is reporting today that HP may soon kill off the OS designed for the short-lived and now-dead TouchPad tablet. Well, that's a $1.2 billion investment down the tubes.


HP purchased the division in only April of last year when it bought Palm. The potential demise of WebOS could spell the end for as many as 500 WebOS employees, who would become superfluous. Earlier attempts to sell off the division stalled on account of a lack of interest. [HP via Guardian UK]



I'm struggling to understand why HP bought Palm if all they were planning to do was continue selling more webOS devices, which is what Palm itself was doing and not making any money.

I hope they at least sell webOS so someone can make something with it instead of killing it completely.