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HP to Release Budget Ultrathin Laptops Later This Year

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Intel told us to expect cheap, thin, midsized laptops to start showing up in major laptop manufacturers' catalogs this summer, and sure enough, Lenovo announced theirs one week later. Next up, according to Digitimes: Hewlett-Packard.


As per usual, the paper cites trusted sources in the "Taiwan manufacturing industry" who say that HP is gearing up to first incorporate Intel CULV processors into existing laptops, after which they'll design their very own cut-rate ultrathin laptop, basically inline with the Aspire Timeline or Lenovo U350, and hopefully nothing like the HP Chameleon concept, shown at left. They won't ship until Q4 of this year though, by which time the field will be a little more crowded. [Digitimes]