HP TouchPad Gets a webOS Upgrade from Beyond the Grave

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Well now isn't this something. HP's discontinued-and-firesaled TouchPad got an OTA webOS upgrade today.


WebOS 3.0.4 improves the camera app, messaging, connectivity to non-HP phones, and generally "touches up" the UI and overall performance. It also delivered a nice update to webOS's developer tools, which is encouraging for anyone hoping for a not-quite-dead-in-the-water TouchPad.

What does that mean for the TouchPad going forward and the fate of webOS as a whole? Well, not as much as you might think (or hope). Word was that HP was going to determine the fate of webOS some time this week. While we haven't heard anything just yet, Ari Jaaksi, the head of webOS and services at HP, posted about the update on his blog and added, "P.S.S. No, I don't have news about that." Still, an out-of-nowhere update to an at-risk OS isn't bad news at all. [HP, Ari Jaaksi via ZDnet]



You know I should thank HP for pissing on me so much by destroying my favorite phone and mobile OS and pushing me to a company that everyone tries to follow, Apple. Now that I know the board wasn't pissed the CEO was getting rid of the PC/laptop and phone business, but instead pissed at how he did it I'm done with everything HP and in that manner everything IBM compatible. For the first time in a 15 year life of using ONLY IBM compatible computers and Window products and making fun of Apple people and saying Windows is better, I'm now turned into a Mac Guy and Mac Fanboy. I've found people who don't like Apple claim it isn't customizable or some other stupid reason. I now get in arguments with people who think Droid or some other Android phone or tablet is better. This one friend actually said the iPad is just a bigger iPhone and the apps are just blown up iPhone apps and he has the Xoom and I told him the knock on the Xoom when it came out was it could only use Android phone apps because there weren't any Tablet apps. Apple's iPad apps aren't just blown up iPhone apps and only haters try to claim that. I never thought there was this anger group before but after becoming a Mac Fanboy I've seen it and had to deal with it. It's shocking. I do wish Apple would buy WebOS and incorporate it into iOS because WebOS is a bad ass operating system. In my opinion it is actually the best mobile OS out there. HP had a good chance to compete with Apple. The WebOS phones and tablets could have been that iPHone/iPad competitor that everyone keeps wanting to have, but HP lost it's testicles and now they are just scared little cowards. Oh well. Would be nice to see WebOS functions integrated in iOS. Hell RIM stole WebOS and they haven't been sued yet LOL. Then again if Apple did try to do that without HP's permission I guranatee HP would sue Apple cause EVERYONE sues Apple lol.