HTC Hero Firmware Update Available Now, Fixes Terrible Sluggishness

Would-be American Hero buyers, look at the bright side: Before Sprint's version even ships, HTC will have ironed out most of the problems with the original. Like the slowness! Which you can now murder, to death, with an update.

News of this magical speed salve got Hero users, current and prospective, a wee bit excited last week, but the lack of a firm release date beyond "soon" kept us all on edge. Well, the update is making its way out as we speak across HTC's international sites. A direct link isn't yet live on HTC's British site, but rest assured: Someone over at XDA has already cobbled together a custom, English language ROM based on the new update, available now.


Or, you know, you could also wait a little while—probably just a few hours—for the official English update to go live on HTC's site. [XDA Developers]

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hey john, my birthday is october 15th. if you guys get a Hero to review that nobody wants to keep after you're done — i will gladly find a home for it.

forever yours,

- Nick