Illustration for article titled HTC Pulls Out of Palm Buy-Out Talks, As Rubinstein Insists Theyll Be Fine By Themselves

Just as Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein tells people they're going to go it alone, and will survive just fine thankyouverymuch, we discover HTC has pulled out of the bidding race. How very convenient. Now, it's up to Lenovo, claims Reuters.


We'd heard Palm had a few Asian companies vying for its affections, but after hearing such glamorous stories as Google and HTC potentially buying it, the idea of Lenovo, Huawei or ZTE being successful bidders leaves us a bit cold.

Still, we have a great love and affection for Palm, and with Rubinstein saying it's working "fast and furious on new handsets," going it alone could work for its favour. [Reuters]

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