HTC's G2 Will Have Quick Keys for Accessing Google Shortcuts

Whatever you want to call HTC's upcoming QWERTY Android slider, the keypad has a couple of new additions we've not seen before: Quick Keys. They're reportedly for Google shortcuts, which each user can customize themselves.

Just another reason why I love HTC keypads. While the G1 wasn't the best I'd ever laid my fingers on, their WinMo phones (such as the various TyTn models) were a joy to use.


These latest close-up photos of the G2's keypad were snagged by His and Hers Android, and then confirmed by the leaked G2 build, read by AndroidGuys' reader Tubaking. The Quick Keys are described as allowing "you to assign shortcuts to three keys," and not only are they "quick and easy" to use, it'll save time by cutting back on "applications that may take multiple steps to access."

This phone is expected to be announced on the 15th of September, and will launch on the 29th according to a schedule of launches at T-Mobile, glimpsed the other week. [His And Hers Android and Android Guys via AndroidAndMe]

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