Band of Horses: The Funeral

A couple days ago, you might've come across this video of a guy on a bike doing an awesome loop-the-loop for a slightly cringe-worthy promo for Microsoft's Cortana. But before he was shilling for #Brands, Danny Macaskill was making far better videos with his friends, and setting them to Band of Horses' breakthrough single, The Funeral.

Band of Horses are a Seattle rock band formed by indie rocker Ben Bridwell a decade ago. These days, they're relatively well known (or, at least, as well known as an 'indie' band can be). But before they were hipster-big, the band's first single was The Funeral, the soulful (and open-to-interpretation) story of an unsuccessful battle against depression. But it's also makes an excellent backdrop to Macaskill's video, the raw sound and amateur video counteracting pretty well with the epic skills on display.


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