Huawei Already Revealed Its First Android Watch

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All the cool kids are peddling Android wearables these days, and it looks like Huawei is no exception: in advance of the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it looks like the Chinese phone giant has revealed its upcoming watch in an (accidental?) ad.

First spotted by Android Central, the ad gives it the original name 'Huawei Watch', with a choice of three designs — silver or black metal, or a leather band — and a circular display topping things off. There's no details on fancier specs like heart-rate monitors or processor, but it is clear that the watch will run Android Wear, so the bulk of the functionality will likely be identical to the other circular Android watches we've seen so far.

Illustration for article titled Huawei Already Revealed Its First Android Watch

Image credit: Android Central

Huawei has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow morning, so if this looks like the digital timepiece that could finally push you over the smartwatch fence, you won't have long to wait. [Android Central via The Verge]

Update: Huawei has also gone ahead and posted a series of videos of improbably handsome people using the watch in its natural environment, like snowshoeing and dogsledding. There is also an Apple-style design video (complete with British person!), if you have four minutes doing nothing else. Seriously, though, this looks like a well-made and refreshingly small take on Android Wear.

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Chris, how is this "accidental"? Your headline makes it sound like they made a mistake, yet this appears to be a deliberate ad placed in a public space. Don't mean to nitpick on this, but it's misleading and unnecessary.