VLC is not a TV show. Nor is it a movie. Nor is it a music album. Nor is it anything but open source software that the entire Internet knows as the greatest video player in all the lands. HBO, however, apparently doesn't know that. The It's Not TV TV company recently sent Google a takedown request for VLC citing copyright infringement.

It's an absolutely bizarre takedown request which is probably more a mistake from HBO's overeager copyright hunting squad than it is a nefarious strategy in trying to kill the head of the snake (VLC) in order to destroy the body (all other copyright infringement cases). But still! This 'mistake' by HBO does speak to the sort of shotgun spray that networks and studios use to push Google to remove cases of copyright infringement that aren't actually cases of copyright infringement.


TorrentFreak revealed some of the links that HBO wanted Google to take down and along with the VLC app link (here), includes links toward porn, music, java apps and more.


According to HBO: It's not TV. It's HBO. And even if it's not HBO, it probably can still be copyright infringement somewhere. [Chilling Effects via TorrentFreak]

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