Illustration for article titled Humans Are Now Using Motor-Driven Power Knees to Kick Ass

Next time you pick a fight with an elderly gentleman, check to see whether he's upgraded his lower-leg to one of Ossur's Power Knees. Yes, the world's first motor-driven knee has now gone on sale.


Germans are being fitted with the motorised knee by their national health system, along with money-rich Frenchies and American amputees. This is one limb with a difference—it's actually the first to use motors and sensors to help bring life back into the old muscle, encouraging them to adapt to the new form of movement.


An added benefit is that it can help lift users when trying to stand up. Now, I may be on the right side of 30, but I must say that I wouldn't mind a slight power-lift in the mornings. [Ossur via Reg Hardware]

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