Hybrids Bound for Formula One

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Our beloved blood brothers at Jalopnik tell us that hybrid vehicles may be soon winding their way into Formula One racing, where overlords of that heady luxo-sport world are sniffing around the technology. Two big players who build such Formula One dream machines, N.Technology S.p.a. and Tatuus s.r.l., have teamed up to build the first hybrid formula car. The single-seater open-wheeled race car will have a 250hp engine, presumably along with a thus-far unspecified electric motor that uses recursive regenerative braking to recharge its batteries.

The fact that hybrid engine technology is even being considered by world-class Formula One designers serves as an ad hoc endorsement for the idea. We're feeling the logic of that—after topping 44 miles per gallon on a multi-thousand mile road trip in a Honda Civic Hybrid last week, you can imagine how jazzed we are about hybrid engines. This development, along with the intriguing Tesla electric vehicle, show us that sometimes it is easy being green.


Green Goes Mean? Motorsports Firms to Build Hybrid F1 Car [Jalopnik]

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