The Pterosaur might look to you like a typical model airplane, but it's a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) powered by a highly efficient hydrogen fuel cell. It just broke a world distance record for hydrogen fuel cell micro UAVs, flying 78 miles—28 miles farther than its previous world record, set in 2006. You ain't seen nothing yet; its makers are saying it's just getting started.

The distinguished group of scientists who created the Pterosaur say it only used a quarter tank of fuel, anticipating more world records to be broken with this plane that has a range of 310 miles. Powered by the hydrogen fuel cell similar to the one inside the HyFish jet wing aircraft we told you about last April, the scientists are emboldened with this record-breaking performance, and say there are even more sophisticated fuel cell power plants for aircraft on the way. [Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies]