Hydroponics Island Lets You Secretly Grow All Kinds of Herbs In Your Kitchen

There is nothing like cooking or 'baking' with fresh 'herbs', but if you live in an apartment perched high above the city, you probably don't have room for a garden. Unless you can find space for Peter Buley's kitchen island which hides a secret hydroponics garden.

Inside its lovely white-washed maple exterior you'll find a set of stand alone "ebb and flow" hydroponics systems accesible via a cedar drawer system. And since the sun don't shine inside, a pair of LED and a pair of high output CFL bulbs ensure the plants get plenty of light. There's no word on pricing, but Buley is happy to create a custom island upon request. For anyone who maybe wants to turn their small herb garden into a business of some sort.


[Analog Modern via Core77]

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