I Can't Stop Watching This Woman's Epic Apple Store Meltdown

Here we have a mother having a meltdown at The Grove Apple Store in LA. It's unclear what exactly she's having a tantrum over but it's completely mesmerizing. I've had the Vine open on my second screen on loop for the last 10 minutes. I can't stop watching.


And frankly, who hasn't wanted to do this every time they hit the Genius Bar?


[Porscha Coleman via Erik Malinowski via Hunter Schwartz]

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My take on this is that the person who shot the footage, edited it to remove all context, and then posted it on the Internet to publicly shame this woman is an asshat. I'm not condoning how the customer is handling things, but for all we know, she was repeatedly told by AC she didn't need an appointment and confirmed with the store they would hand over the part in a separate call. For all we know, she drove 3 hours to get there with a screaming kid in the car and hasn't slept more than 2 hours at a stretch for the past month. So, yeah, let's all get up on our high horses and condemn her. Who hasn't been fed a line by a rep on the phone, gone out of our way to do what they say, and then found out they were full of crap? This obviously isn't the way to constructively deal with it, but outing someone publicly who is having a meltdown without knowing the whole story isn't exactly cool behavior either.