Not only it gives me great pleasure to watch this bartender preparing a Rum Martínez but it whets my thirst to no end. And to top it all, it is made with my favorite rum: Zacapa Centenario 23. I just want this magic potion right now.

This is the recipe:

The inside of the decanter is filled with smoke after rinsing the inside with rum. Next, wood chips are put in the teapot's strainer and burnt. The teapot is filled with the rum from the decanter. The decanter is filled with smoke using the same wood chips and a smoker. The ingredients of the Rum Martinez are then placed inside the decanter and gently moved to marry the flavors.

- Rum 45 ml

- Vermouth 45 ml

- Maraschino 1 tsp

- Original Rum Bitters 1 dash

The cocktail is presented with a small cigar.

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